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K-Box Frequently Asked Questions


1. How can I restore my password?

Choose “Forgot your password?” on main page and follow the instructions. The system will send a message with reset link to your registered email address. Use the link shortly after it arrives.

2. How can I change my details?

Click on your avatar in the upper-right corner of the window. Enter and save your preferred email, password,name and organization in respective lines.

3. How can I change the language?

Click on your avatar in the upper-right corner of the window. Select and save your preferred language.

4. What is the difference between folder on my PC and collection in the K-Box?

K-Box collections behave differently from folders in the following way:

  • You can resolve duplicate documents
  • You can label your document with more than one collection
  • Changes to the file will be visible in all assigned collections
  • The address (URL) of a document remains unchanged even if you change the document's name or upload a new version of it

5. What is the difference between Trash and Delete?

In K-Box “delete” a file means removing it from the K-Box, while keeping it in “Trash” allows to restore it. Permanent deletion is possible from Trash.

Projects activities

1. What is a Project?

A space for storage, organization and exchange of documentation about certain activities. Accessible by registered AND added to the Project actors.

2. Access to Project is needed. Whom to contact?

The K-Box or Project Administrator. Further information on the Contact page of the K-Box.


1. How to upload a file?

There are several options for uploading a file into K-Box.

  1. For videos use the "Create or Add" → “Video uploader" option
  2. For any other file, use “Create or Add” → “File” or simply drag and drop

2. What are the supported video formats?

The K-Box offer special support for mp4 video files encoded with H.264 codec (with AAC or MP3 audio). The minimum supported resolution is 480x360 pixels. The maximum supported resolution is 1920x1080 pixels.

3.How to change document details?

Click on it to get to get to document details panel. Select "Edit" to change title, author, language, version, resolve duplicates or assign license to your file.

4. How to remove (or resolve) duplicates?

Note: This is only possible by the uploader of the duplicate

Click on it to get to get to document details panel. Select "Duplicates" and "Resolve duplicate using this, already existing, document".

5. How to remove collection from document?

Click on your file to get an overview of all assigned collections. Hit the “X” symbol to remove collection.

License and Copyright

1. Who is a copyright owner?

As a general rule, the copyright over work is initially owned by its creator, but this is not always the case. As a use case, if an author wants to publish their manuscript in a journal, they will have to conclude a publishing agreement.

According to the agreement, author transfers copyright to the publisher and will be capable of disseminating the original manuscript for non-commercial purposes only.

A concrete example of the policy is presented on the Elsevier website.

2. What is a license?

License provides information about the terms and conditions for a document/work use by third parties as specified by the copyright owner. Licenses help to protect the work from copyright infringement. Due to their legal value, they also allow the copyright owner to avoid giving use permissions on case by case basis.

3. When should I indicate a license or copyright owner information?

The copyright owner and license information should be indicated as soon as a work is shared, or disseminated with other users through K-Box. It is strongly recommended to add that information before a work is shared in a public space.

4. The license I need is not there. What should I do?

Contact K-Box Administrator, providing as much information as possible about the missing license. The request will be assessed by the K-Link K-Box support team.


1. What should I know about sharing"?

If Who has Access is set to Only authenticated users can access , the recipient should appear listed in the list.

If Who has Access is set to Anyone with link can access, go ahead and send the link. The recipient will not appear in the list. The latter is true for Public documents, too.


1. What is a K-Link Network?


2. How to publish a file?

Note: To prevent sharing of unauthorized files (private, confidential, etc.), only users with permissions of project manager can employ the feature. Please contact your Project Administrator via email, indicating the file you would like to make public.

In order to make a file visible in the K-Link network, please go the sharing settings of the file and hit the “globe” icon.

3. How to make a public file private?

Note: Only users with permissions of project manager can perform this operation. Please contact your Project Administrator via email, indicating the document you would like to make private.

One can unpublish files only from the same K-Box they are physically stored in. In order to do that, please go the sharing settings of the file and hit the “lock” icon. As soon as the icon changed from “globe” to “lock”, your file is private again.


1. What should I know about search?

You can search anywhere in the K-Box, except for Trash. The scope depends on location search is triggered in.

Use comprehensive keywords, following naming convention and boolean operators for better search:

  • OR: find documents which contain either one of the keywords. When no operator is entered, the OR operator is assumed by the system. E.g. Markhor report 2014 keyword combination is understood by the system as: Markhor OR report OR 2014
  • AND: matches documents where both terms are used anywhere in the text. E.g. Markhor AND report AND 2014 will display documents where all the keywords are mentioned.
  • +: a word after this operator must exist in documents retrieved after search is performed. E.g., +Markhor AND report AND 2014 will search for all three key-words, but with a stronger focus on "Markhor". The result searches might also include documents containing only "Markhor", but not necessarily "report" and "2014".
  • NOT: any document containing the keyword that you write after this operator will be excluded from the search results.
  • *: when you do not remember the whole word (common with names/surnames), you can use this operator as a wild card. the symbol can be used to look for beginning or end of the word ( * in the end or beginning of the keyword respectively). E.g. Mar* will return documents containing words like Markhor, March, Marina, etc.

You can of course combine all those operators in order to get more relevant search results. For more information about search operators, refer to the following documentation

2. How to save several files in my profile for a faster search?

Star your file clicking next to its title and it will appear in “Starred”. This functionality is limited to files hosted on your K-Box.


Only K-Box and Project Administrator can perform operations described below. Please contact your Project Administrator via email, indicating your interest any of the points.

1. How can I create projects?

Go to the Projects page, click on “Create project” button. Fill necessary fields, add users and save.

2. How to share project with others?

Add them as members from project's Edit page.

3. What account to assign to a new user?

Assign the account based on the permissions.

4. What is a microsite?

A one-pager for visitors to learn about your project. Can be compared with a Project business card.

5. What are the advantages of a microsite compared to normal website?

  1. Microsite is hosted on your K-Box. No additional infrastructure needs to be managed;
  2. K-Link search is already integrated.

6. How to create a Project microsite?

Right-click on the project of interest on the Projects page and select “Details” option. Go to “Micrositebeta” and “Create microsite” button. Fill the respective fields on the new page and click to “Publish the Microsite” to finish.


1. I have a question regarding the behavior of the system. Whom should I ask?

Please refer all your questions to your librarian via email or the organization referent (see the Contact page for details). Describe your question in two-three sentences providing the information such as what you find strange and what actions have you performed to get such a response from the system. Sharing your screen typically helps to better explain and understand the situation.

For general guidance on using the system you can refer to the community maintained documentation.


1. I could upload the same document more than once.

Yes, that is possible. Whenever more duplicates are added to projects, uploader will see a respective badge signaling duplication.

2. I can see there are duplicates. Why? How can I resolve them?

The duplicates are allowed. When uploaded into Projects, K-Box identifies them. Only the uploader of the duplicate can resolve it. Please contact the uploader.

3. “Gateway timeout”

Poor internet connection results in delay of response from K-Link server.

4. “Loading problem. Some functionalities may not be available.”

This message will be showed in case of internet connectivity delay or blocked response. Refreshing the page normally solves the problem.

5. “File preview cannot be showed” or “File preview error”

The preview of a file is available only for selected file types. At now only PDF, MP4 video, JPG and PNG images are well supported. Microsoft Word Documents (created using Office 2010 or above using the Open XML format) might raise an error due some elements of the Word processing format not supported or being showed with partial formatting.

6. I want to upload a file, but it is opening instead. Drag and drop does not work?

This behavior emerges with some browsers and is caused by the fact that the file has been drag and dropped outside of the upload sensible area. The upload area covers the whole page and is surrounded by a green border. If you’re in doubt drag and drop on the center of the screen, where the documents are listed.

7. I shared a link to an uploaded file. Why do my colleagues not have access to it?

Most likely the conditions listed under sharing are not fullfiled. You can check the Sharing settings to see who has access.